Sail Service


Sail Service Repairs

We can repair almost anything! From minor repairs to extensive damages, regardless of the brand, Hallett Canvas & Sails will provide repair services that will not only complete the specific repair but will also carefully examine the entire sail or canvas item to ensure quality product before completion. As long as the material in the sail or canvas product is not rotten or unserviceable, we can repair it. For prompt service at reasonable rates, bring your sail in on a Monday with repairs done by the following Friday, just in time for the weekend, even in the busy season!

Winter Service

Sail Winter ServiceWashing, Checking, Evaluations, Repairs, and Storage - Save the life of your sails and canvas! All sails and canvas should be washed and inspected at least once a year to give the sail or canvas a longer, healthier, and brighter life. Washing is particularly important to remove damaging salt and to prohibit mold and mildew growth. The cleaning solution performs like bleach but is not harmful to the cloth like bleach and does not fade, or run colors. Having your sails checked over for small holes and broken stitching will prevent potentially expensive repairs over time, ultimately saving you money.

At our 5000sq. ft. loft, we carefully wash, check, repair, evaluate and store your sails and canvas. In 2011 we added our specially designed wash tank which circulates the cleaning products among the sails and canvas to get a thorough cleaning. After the Canvas and sails soak, they are pulled or removed from the tank, lightly scrubbed, and rinsed. They are then dried, carefully wrapped and stored until your boat is ready for them. Our service has no hidden costs. For the low price we wash your sails or canvas, evaluate the sail or canvas condition, give you an hour of repair labor, and provide storage for the winter.

Sail Re-cuts

Often a sails shape is blown out and baggy, nevertheless the integrity of the cloth is still good. This is common among older Dacron sails. Dacron is great because it will last a long time but it will also eventually stretch over time. We can re-cut the shape of the sail to increase its performance and your ability to trim it properly. We can also re-cut sails that have never trimmed correctly, that were purchased from other lofts. Re-cutting is not just confined to sails. We also alter and correctly fit canvas that is baggy, or too tight.


We can give you a professional evaluation of your sails or canvas. This is standard with winter service to let you know how well your sails or canvas are holding together. This is a FREE service that we provide. We also do evaluations for insurance and brokerage deals.

Rigging Service

At Hallett Canvas & Sails we service many makes of Genoa Furling and Main Furling Units, Main Flaking Systems, Dutchman Systems, Lazy Jack Systems and Strong Tides Systems, just to name a few. We can come to you or you can come to us!